“Nick made my driving lessons very enjoyable and has a great sense of humour. He made feel at ease and has a great way of explaining things. He offered to help practice for the theory test. At the time I worked 50miles away we did this journey as one of my lessons which I found really useful. He is very accommodating and would definitely recommend”

Charlotte WFrom Gillingham

“I always looked forward to my driving lessons! Nick made me feel extremely comfortable and carried out the lessons at a speed that was suitable for me. He made sure that I understood every individual aspect of the different driving elements before we progressed through the course. Thanks to his great teaching style, I was able to pass my driving test first time. Now, having driven for almost a year, I am thankful for all the useful tips and advice that Nick gave me during the 6 months I learnt with him; making me a safe and confident driver. I would highly recommend to anyone!”

Harry LFrom Hempstead

“I had roughly 23 hours of lessons with Nick, of which we covered every possible aspect of driving, including every manoeuvre and driving technique. These would be made incredibly easy by a small number simple steps, that Nick would talk me through, and if I still was struggling, he would provide another option to try, which again was made simple. There are many aspects to driving a car, more than you can imagine when you first think of driving, so the time it should take to learn and perfect every one of these areas should be incredibly vast, so to only have done a fairly small amount of hours of lessons and having now passed my test it’s evident that Nick was not only an effective teacher but also an incredibly efficient teacher, separating him from the rest.
From the very first lesson I felt comfortable at the wheel of the car and felt confident knowing that Nick was there to help and guide me, whenever I needed it and this helped push me on to develop such confidence at the wheel of a car. Nick’s teaching was topped off by his character and friendliness, he will not only be your instructor but you will develop a friendship with him which further enhances your ability to learn from him. Nick will not only make you another driver on the road, but a good, confident and skilled driver.”

Daniel PFrom Hempstead

“I can honestly say that Nick was brilliant in helping me to pass my driving test. My previous instructor was unhelpful and it seemed he was just interested in taking my money rather than focusing to help me pass my test but with Nick it was totally different.
Nick was calm, patient and professional and most importantly his aim was to help me pass my test as quickly as possible. He assessed my weaknesses and gave me confidence in turning these into strengths.
I would not hesitate to recommend Nick and neither would my friends who Nick also helped to ensure that like me, they passed their test first time after being taught by him.”

Andrew RFrom Rainham