“I have a below elbow, right arm amputation so need to drive an adapted vehicle. I started learning to drive at South East Drivability in Maidstone but felt I was not progressing. I then met Nick there and we hit it off straight away. So much so that I followed him when he left S.E.D. to focus on his own business. He conducted lessons in my own adapted car. I found the lessons professional and engaging. He gave me the confidence to drive which I never thought I would gain through his patience, instruction and his ability to explain clearly what was required to be a good driver, his lessons were instructive and set me challenges to improve my driving throughout the week. The day I passed my driving test I was overwhelmed and feel that without Nick I would of never accomplished such a huge milestone and became the safe driver I am today. I was his first student to pass with a physical disability and it was a very emotional moment for both of us. Thank you so much Nick I will never forget you. You've completely changed my life!”

Emily HFrom Bean

“Well what can I say about learning to drive with Nick Salzen?
It is an experience that I will never forget. I did a two-week intensive driving course with Nick in Rainham, Kent and did not think that I would be able to learn as much as I did. The lessons were very professional yet relaxed and he never pushed me further than he felt I could cope with. He also did theory lessons with me that none of my previous driving instructors had done. Nick made driving fun yet safe and I firmly believe that the two weeks I spent with Nick made me the driver I am today. I will never forget what he taught me.
Thank you so much Nick!”

Natalie SFrom Stevenage

“I cannot thank Nick enough for helping me overcome my fear of driving and getting me to where I am today having passed my theory and practical tests first time! Following a bad experience with a previous instructor, I was unsure about driving but Nick really made me enjoy it. His way of teaching is structured and productive yet he always found a way to tell jokes and calm me down if I was feeling stressed. He's honestly been so supportive throughout my lessons and has always gone above and beyond to help me feel confident in myself to drive. Thank you so much Nick for helping me with this huge milestone, I'll be sure to recommend you!”

Molly CFrom Rainham

“I can honestly say that Nick was brilliant in helping me to pass my driving test. My previous instructor was unhelpful and it seemed he was just interested in taking my money rather than focusing to help me pass my test but with Nick it was totally different.
Nick was calm, patient and professional and most importantly his aim was to help me pass my test as quickly as possible. He assessed my weaknesses and gave me confidence in turning these into strengths.
I would not hesitate to recommend Nick and neither would my friends who Nick also helped to ensure that like me, they passed their test first time after being taught by him.”

Andrew RFrom Rainham

“Nick is very friendly, easy to get on with and he has a great sense of humour (not to mention completely nuts!). On a serious note he is a good teacher, I made a lot of very silly mistakes whilst learning and he never lost his temper with me once. He always gives constructive feedback but most importantly he listens. If you feel worried about something, he will listen and go over that section with you until you are happy.
Nick also spent some time helping me with my theory (free of charge) instead of leaving me to get on with it as I know some other driving instructors like to do. Thanks largely to Nick's dedication I passed both my theory and my practical tests first time, I highly recommend learning with Nick Salzen.”

Jamie EFrom Wigmore

“Learning to drive with 17 PLUS was a great experience. Nick was the second instructor that I had lessons with, after failing my test the first time, he not only helped to broaden my driving experience, but also greatly improved my confidence to a point where I passed my test the second time with very few minor faults. I found that Nick taught me how to drive in real life situations, with handy tips, rather than teaching me just how to pass my driving test, which isn’t typically a ‘real life’ situation. When I passed, I was offered a complementary 2-hour motorway lesson, which provided me with even more driving experience. I then went on to complete Pass Plus with Nick, which was an enjoyable day that helped to develop my confidence with motorway, long distance and night driving. I would recommend Nick as a driving instructor to any learner driver, he is a perfectionist and a great teacher. Thanks Nick!”

Emily FFrom Wigmore

“Nick is the best driving instructor! He has taught both my sister and myself to be safe, confident drivers. He is patient and teaches you at a pace that suits you so you don’t get overwhelmed. He gives constructive feedback and listens to your worries and goes through whatever you’re concerned about until you feel confident. He’s more like a fun friend than a teacher and has so many rhymes and sayings about driving - “amber glow, get ready to go” - that will stick in your head for years! I have learned so much from learning with him, he also does a free theory lesson and a free motorway lesson which most driving instructors don’t offer! I would hands down recommend Nick as he’s fun, safe and made me feel confident as a driver. He didn't just teach me how to pass the test but also how to be a good driver in the real world.”

Megan GFrom Gillingham

“I previously started my driving lessons with one of the larger driving schools and found I was spending a fortune but not really getting anywhere. Then I found 17 PLUS and it's the best thing I ever did! Nick is such a good instructor and makes his lessons fun whilst at the same time, teaching you everything you need to know. I passed my theory test first time with his help (free of charge,) and a few weeks later I passed my practical test first time as well! I would highly recommend Nick to anyone”

Ruth HFrom Gillingham

“I came to Nick after having 2 previous instructors that I just didn't gel with. I had struggled with driving and had multiple driving tests before starting lessons with Nick. Nick's teaching style worked for me as he listened to what I was struggling with and pushed me to work on those things. We completed many different routes rather than just drive round test routes and I was pushed out of my comfort zone in order to build my confidence. I have now passed my test and am finally on the road, something I was starting to believe was impossible! So, a huge thank you Nick for helping me see what I thought was impossible, was actually possible.”

Jasmine LFrom Walderslade

“A thoroughly enjoyable learning experience with Nick at 17 PLUS Driving School. AS a slightly older learner at 31 years old, I thought I would never have the confidence I needed to get me driving and through my test. I did though thanks to Nick and his patience! The free study pack and free theory test session were a great bonus and something, as far as I know, you don't get anywhere else locally. Not free of charge anyway! I would recommend Nick to any learner, whatever your age or ability. So much so that my younger brother is now taking lessons with him. High quality teaching and great value for money Thank you so much Nick!”

Emma GFrom Parkwood

“Learning to drive can be a scary thought, right? But not with Nick. I couldn’t have asked for a better instructor, not only does he teach you how to pass your test, he teaches you how to become a better driver once you have passed. He is laid back at times and he can be serious as well and it’s a good mix. If you make mistakes or do something wrong he asks “what could you do instead” or “what would make that better next time”.
In all the time that I was learning to drive, Nick never cancelled on me or was more than 10 minutes late, and if he was late, he’d extend the lesson or add it onto another lesson so I always got the time that had been paid for. The things Nick offers are amazing, he does a free introduction meeting so he can get to know you and you can get to know him, not only that, he gives you a free study pack with everything you need to know about driving. He also does a free 2-hour theory lesson, which is fantastic and it really helped! Once you have passed your test he gives you a free motorway lesson, which is also very helpful as driving on these can be scary!!
I want to thank Nick so much for helping me pass both my theory and my driving test first time, he is an amazing instructor and I 100% recommend him to anyone, even if you have previous driving experience or not. Learning to drive with Nick was one of the best experiences of my life and I wish I could learn all over again!”

Callum BFrom Rochester

“I finally managed to pass my driving test, but wouldn’t have been able to do it without switching driving schools to 17 PLUS. The lessons have always been enjoyable and different, Nick is great with pushing you to the best of your ability. There were a number of area’s that I struggled with, especially roundabouts but I can confidently say that with Nick’s help I’ve managed to overcome any issues regarding them. He helps keep the mood light with his sense of humour and singing. I would highly recommend Nick to anyone; he is a patient and supportive person that will help you drive with confidence!”

Pavindeep DFrom Walderslade

“When I started learning with Nick, I had already met him a few times through a friend of mine but I was still very nervous to learn. From the second I got in the car with Nick he made me feel very comfortable and at ease. Nick's very thorough and wants you to get the most from your lessons and get you through your test without taking any unnecessary money from you, while still giving you the most information possible.
I really enjoyed the time I spent learning with Nick and if it wasn't for him I know I wouldn’t have passed my test!
The FREE theory and motorway sessions with Nick really helped and are a rare thing to find these days! I was so pleased with Nick’s help that I decided to do my Pass Plus with him and had a fab day out learning on more difficult roads and motorways, the free lunch and game of pool I won wasn’t bad either!
Nick always pushes you to see for yourself how good you are without making you feel under pressure, he's a very genuine and honest person and the more respect you give him the more he chucks right back at you.
Lessons were always fun and easy going as well as being professional and structured. Without a doubt I would recommend him to everyone!”

Amie MFrom Gillingham

“Well where do I begin with Nick Salzen? I consulted with my friends before I learnt to drive to see if anyone knew any reputable Driving Instructors and some of them told me about Nick at 17 PLUS. Fair to say, I was not disappointed with the service given. Nick was patient with me when I was first learning and demonstrated various different methods on how to approach things. Nick's approach to teaching is brilliant, I had a ton of laughs with him but at the same time learnt so much from every lesson and driving became really enjoyable!
Nick's service also provides a free theory lesson, a whole study pack which contains all the information you'll ever need as well as free motorway lesson which is incredible to all have from one instructor to say the least! It's fair to say I will miss doing lessons with Nick, not only did I walk away from each one feeling more confident about driving but also with a knowledge on what I'll be practicing next lesson and how to tackle certain things better!
I'd honestly say I wouldn't of passed first time if it hadn't been for Nick!
Thank you tons Nick you've been brilliant!”

James MFrom Rainham

“I found it very easy to learn from Nick because he made it very clear what was supposed to happen and what I needed to do to make it happen.
Lessons were always fun and there was never a dull moment. As time went on, I got to know Nick and he got to know me which only made lessons easier and more enjoyable.
Nick was always supportive and liked to stretch my abilities in order to make me a better driver and I took these challenges head on and found that I would actually benefit greatly. I never felt I was too far from my comfort zone that I couldn't do what was required and knowing he had complete faith I could do it, sped up my learning nicely.
Along with the freebies and the fact that Nick is a genuinely nice person, the result of all this is a fun and educational experience which taught me to drive, no problem.”

Miki RFrom Walderslade

“Nick was recommended to me by a friend who was taught by him years ago. I was very nervous about starting my lessons as I have serious confidence issues. Nick was aware of how nervous I was and was always very patient with me, and always trying to calm my nerves with his little jokes and 'brilliant singing'. I've had 2 previous instructors over the years and Nick was the only one who got to know me and understood how nervous I was. I had a couple of moments where I really doubted myself due to my own self confidence but he always told me to keep going and not give up. Nick did a free theory lesson just before I had my theory test which was very helpful too. Passing my test has changed my life and my kids’ lives for the better and I couldn't have done it without Nick!”

Vikki PFrom Rainham

“After recently passing my driving test with Nick, I would like to say a huge thank you for helping me regain confidence in driving and making me feel at ease during my lessons.
I am now a competent driver and learnt all of the necessary skills from basic manoeuvres to roundabouts, ensuring that I am a safe and capable driver on the road.
The lessons have been enjoyable and sometimes bumpy, (on one occasion driving down an unmade road!)The driving experience has been fantastic, including the McDs breakfast. (Other breakfasts are available!) I am now looking forward to my Pass Plus driving lesson with Nick. Where my driving adventure continues.”

Hollie KFrom Rainham

“Nick made my driving lessons very enjoyable and has a great sense of humour. He made feel at ease and has a great way of explaining things. He offered to help practice for the theory test. At the time I worked 50miles away we did this journey as one of my lessons which I found really useful. He is very accommodating and would definitely recommend”

Charlotte WFrom Gillingham

“I always looked forward to my driving lessons! Nick made me feel extremely comfortable and carried out the lessons at a speed that was suitable for me. He made sure that I understood every individual aspect of the different driving elements before we progressed through the course. Thanks to his great teaching style, I was able to pass my driving test first time. Now, having driven for almost a year, I am thankful for all the useful tips and advice that Nick gave me during the 6 months I learnt with him; making me a safe and confident driver. I would highly recommend to anyone!”

Harry LFrom Hempstead

“I had roughly 23 hours of lessons with Nick, of which we covered every possible aspect of driving, including every manoeuvre and driving technique. These would be made incredibly easy by a small number simple steps, that Nick would talk me through, and if I still was struggling, he would provide another option to try, which again was made simple. There are many aspects to driving a car, more than you can imagine when you first think of driving, so the time it should take to learn and perfect every one of these areas should be incredibly vast, so to only have done a fairly small amount of hours of lessons and having now passed my test it’s evident that Nick was not only an effective teacher but also an incredibly efficient teacher, separating him from the rest.
From the very first lesson I felt comfortable at the wheel of the car and felt confident knowing that Nick was there to help and guide me, whenever I needed it and this helped push me on to develop such confidence at the wheel of a car. Nick’s teaching was topped off by his character and friendliness, he will not only be your instructor but you will develop a friendship with him which further enhances your ability to learn from him. Nick will not only make you another driver on the road, but a good, confident and skilled driver.”

Daniel PFrom Hempstead

“When we first contacted Nick to teach our 17 year old son to drive we expected him to be no different to other instructors. That being, we hand over the payment and have no further interaction with him. We couldn’t have been further from the truth, whilst other instructors work solely with the student, Nick spent the first half hour with us (without charge) going through his method of teaching and the expectations we should have of each other. Nick continued to keep us informed of our son’s progress throughout the 8 months it took him to successfully pass his driving test.
Nick also included a free theory lesson at home helping our son to familiarise himself with the structure of the theory test. Nick conducted himself in a professional manner by ensuring we were present in the house and all we did was provide the tea and custard creams!
As a parent, we worry about our child driving in the dark and on the motorway. Nick ensured our son experienced after-dark driving and also offered a free motorway driving lesson once he passed his test. This was a tremendous bonus, it was re-assuring to know our son would experience his first motorway driving with Nick in his dual control car, because as we all know, motorway driving conditions are uniquely different to street driving and is an experience in itself.
With these invaluable extras, Nick’s driving lessons package is a cut above the rest and his commitment to both his students and the parents is admirable.
Nick had a natural rapport with our son; he was able to connect on a ‘down to earth’, friendly, relaxed level whilst maintaining total professionalism. I would say he came across as the teacher at school that every student liked…...including the parents”

Mr & Mrs RanaFrom Walderslade

“My daughter was very nervous about starting her driving lessons but Nick put her at ease immediately. He came to our house, (free of charge) to get to know her before any lessons were booked to make sure that he was the best fit for her. Nick was always very patient, calming and reliable for every lesson. Molly passed her theory and practical tests first time in just 6 months of starting to learn with Nick. I recommend Nick as he is a fantastic instructor and I wish him all the best for the future. Thank you Nick!”

Mrs CarwardineFrom Rainham

“My daughter Emily was learning to drive in an automatic adapted vehicle at the South East Driveability centre at Maidstone. She was progressing well but slowly. She was eventually placed under the instruction of Nick and followed him when he left S.E.D. to focus on his own driving school because they got on so well together. His patience, calm instructing ability and the confidence he installed in my daughter was amazing. She has now passed her driving test which has given her so much confidence, freedom and independence within herself. Her smile and joy on the day my wife and I will always remember.
Thank you for everything Nick.”

Mr HallFrom Dartford

“Nick was a fantastic driving instructor for my son Harry. He was able to mould, coach and provide positive feedback during my son’s lessons. Nick was very flexible and tailoring his time around Harry’s needs, with his expert knowledge in the motoring world, he also helped Harry in passing his Theory test first time. This was achieved by sitting down one lesson at our home, free of charge and went through the revision pack that he provided. As well as this, during the closing stages of Harrys tuition, Nick devoted a lot more time and Harry passed his test with flying colours. I would recommend Nick to anyone that would want an honest, reliable and careful car driving instructor.”

Mrs WilliamsFrom Rainham

“It can be very daunting for a parent when their teenage son starts driving lessons, knowing that they are going to be out on the roads brings a whole new set of worries, as if being a parent to a teenager isn't stressful enough!! I was lucky as I happened to know Nick before Charlie started driving so he already had the thumbs up from me!! Charlie on the other hand didn't know Nick so he was about to embark on a new adventure and spending hours on end in a car with a stranger... This can be difficult from a teenager’s point of view as they are not the most sociable breed!
Nick came round to our house to introduce himself and for an informal chat and to go through the driving lesson process, which as a parent I thought was a really nice touch as not all instructors do this.
From Charlie's perspective he had nothing but nice things to say about Nick whilst learning to drive over the weeks, he said Nick was patient, thorough, calm, informative and easy to get along with, he did say though that he needs to work on his jokes as they are not always funny!! (Feedback is always a good thing, we all have areas we can improve on lol.)
The theory test proved to be a challenge for Charlie, Nick came round to the house and went through the test with him, at no extra cost I might add, Charlie found this to be really helpful, again not all instructors offer this service.
Then came the dreaded test, Nick was brilliant on the build up to the test and they worked on Charlie's weak areas... What really impressed me as a parent was that Nick also went over with Charlie how to control the car when put in difficult situations, as a parent we would be naive to think that once they've passed there will be an element of 'showing off' on the roads.Charlie passed!! I would not hesitate in recommending Nick, he's a fantastic instructor and a jolly nice chap!”

Mrs GarlingeFrom Gillingham

“Nick was recommended to me by a work colleague. My daughter was very nervous and on her first lesson was in tears. Not only did Nick go and speak to her, he managed to calm her down enough for her to go on her first lesson and also to drive!! We found Nick very approachable and he has a very good way of dealing with all sorts of people and situations. He is very understanding and makes learning to drive fun. I wouldn’t think twice about recommending Nick to people in the future. Thanks for everything you did to help Helen through.”

Mrs YoungFrom Gillingham

“I was delighted with the way my son was taught and would 100% recommend Nick to the parents of any young person thinking of learning to drive.
Nick has been brilliant teaching my 17 year old son. He was always punctual, patient, calm and concise and always very approachable at every stage and I was particularly impressed that he had a superbly flexible style of teaching. My son loved every lesson and was always looking forward to the next one.
My son really enjoyed learning to drive with Nick and I was so impressed I have booked myself a refresher lesson, even though I have been driving for over 30 years!”

Mrs Morice-JonesFrom Chatham

“A huge thanks to Nick Salzen for teaching my son to drive. James passed first time with flying colours. Nick has a huge amount of kindness and patience, James always had good things to say about him after a lesson not only as a teacher but as a genuine nice guy who really cares. He also went out of his way to help James with his theory, again passing first time. We would happily recommend Nick.”

Mrs TaylorFrom Rainham

“After our Daughter having had a bad experience with another driving company, Nick from 17 PLUS Driving School was brilliant.
He helped our Daughter to regain her confidence in driving.
His one to one personal teaching skills were excellent, his patience and dedication as a driving instructor were outstanding.We would thoroughly recommend Nick as your first choice of a driving instructor.”

Mrs KnightFrom Rainham

“Our son Callum was making noises about wanting to drive and one thing that was certain, neither of us were going to be in a position to teach him - his dad drove a van and his mum a brand-new Land Rover. After seeing Nick driving around in Rainham, then reading the testimonials on his web page, and asking some Advanced Driving Instructors we knew, their thoughts, we arranged a mutually convenient time for him to come round for an ice-breaking chat with a rather nervous 17-year-old. We were blown away with the way he made us all feel so comfortable, explained his expectations of Callum and what Callum could expect from him. We booked lessons immediately and never looked back. He provided a comprehensive learning pack for Callum to study between lessons and Callum always knew what he would be doing in is next lesson and what he should be studying. As time went on Nick would update us on Callum's progress, his strengths and weaknesses. If Callum got too sure of himself, Nick would bring him back down to earth. It wasn't all about driving though. When it came to the theory test Nick offered a free 2-hour lesson and went through this in a way that youngsters of today can relate to - on a computer. Callum studied harder than we have ever seen, doing practice tests and hazard perception tests, as well as using flash cards. The day before his theory test Nick did an impromptu test with the flash cards with very encouraging feedback. Under Nick's guidance this all paid off when Callum achieved 116/125 in his theory test. In the run up to his driving test, due to unforeseen circumstances, Nick had to change his car. This meant Callum adapting to a different car, not once but twice including the day before his test. He also had to cope with wintery conditions through all of this. It’s a credit to Nicks teaching ability that he helped and encouraged Callum through this period of uncertainty and Callum passed his test at the first attempt with only 4 minors. A very proud and emotional moment as this meant so much to all of us and has enabled Callum to become much more independent. Callum now has his own car and we would not hesitate to contact Nick again to help him with his Pass Plus in the near future.”

Mr & Mrs BrooksFrom Rainham

“Nick taught both our sons to drive, having been recommended to us by friends. He is a committed instructor who clearly wants the best for his students, he never cancelled a lesson for either of our sons and always provided honest and thorough feedback throughout the learning process. He adapted well to both our sons differing needs and assisting in making them capable drivers.
Both of our sons passed their tests under Nick’s excellent tuition and we have recommended his driving school to both friends and family and will continue to do so.”

Mr PerfectFrom Rainham

“Nick taught our son Harry to drive in 2019. Patient and friendly Nick put Harry at ease from the very first lesson which dramatically improved his confidence over a very short time. Nick was always punctual and flexible in terms of pick-ups and drop-offs so Harry could fit his driving lessons around his A levels.
Harry passed his both his theory and driving tests the first time under Nick’s instruction and Harry subsequently took the Pass Plus course. Harry has been driving over 9 months now. Drives every day to Sidcup for his degree course.
Harry is a safe, confident and a considerate driver and much of that is down to Nick.”

Mr LawerenceFrom Rainham